ILLAHE STUDIOS AND GALLERY is proud to host the second annual Community Collaborative Book Arts Project.

Each of the books was made by hand in our COMMUNITY PRESS WORKSHOP by members of the community then donated to the COMMUNITY PRESS PROJECT.

 We invite you to write in, draw upon, cut, paste and embellish to your hearts’ content. Create your own stories, poems or artist’s book.

Then bring your book back to ILLAHE STUDIOS AND GALLERY to be part of a collaborative exhibition in conjunction with our Fourth Annual Book Arts Show in April. You can choose to put your book up for sale or just to show.

Gallery Commission on book sales is 50%.

BOOK FEE is $5 due when you select your book.

DEADLINE to return book to the gallery is MARCH 28, 2013 by 5 p.m.. After the show closes, unsold or NFS books can be picked up after April 30, 2013


Community Press books



Information on the 2012 project (First Annual)


"Win a Spot in a Gallery"

column by Vickie Aldous, Ashland Daily Tidings

click here to read the column (you might need to sign in as a guest)



Rogue Art Plus Poetry!

Create & Exhibit Your Own Poetry Artist Book

Rogue Valley artists and poets are cordially invited to submit work that combines art and poetry. Completed submissions will be displayed during the month of April (National Poetry Month) at Illahe Studios & Gallery.


Pick up an official "Rogue APP" blank book (a 16-page, hand-sewn book) for $3 at the Illahe Studios & Gallery. Your work must be submitted in this format.

You may, however, modify the blank book to suit your purposes, write poetry, prose, drawings, collage, etc. Be creative!

Submissions will be judged. Submission is no guarantee of display at the gallery. Please respect community standards and make your work acceptable to a wide audience.

Include your name & the title of your work on the book. Also include separately your address, a telephone number, and a contact email address. Specify if your book will be for sale, and the retail price.

Books entered in this exhibit for sale are sold on consignment. The gallery commission will be 50% of the retail sale price. One submission per person.

You are responsible for picking up your work no later than Friday, May 11th. Alternately, you may provide a stamped, self-addressed mailer and your work will be sent to you.

Submissions are due no later than Saturday, March 24, 2012, 4 p.m