March 2013

Drawing Beauty


For our March exhibit we will feature the works of three painters, each with an expressly different vision of beauty, Shan Lollis, Kiri Bolles and Kendra Farber.  Gallery artist, Shan Lollis uses bold color and a gestural quality to her paintings that portray a certain “joie de vivre” to the objects, people and scenes she paints. Ashland High School students and budding artists,  Kiri Bolles and Kendra Farber will be featured in our gallery as part of the Ashland Gallery Association Student Art Show. 

Lollis After the Dance

Shan Lollis "After the Dance"

Shan Lollis

has been a resident of the Rogue Valley for 27 years and has been a serious painter for most of her adult life.  She believes in using as much pure color as possible, creating a graphic like quality to her work.  Influenced by her years of travel in Western Europe and Mexico, she has produce pieces in acrylic paint, pen and ink, and watercolors.  Her work has been shown at galleries in Medford, Jacksonville, and Ashland, Oregon.  Lollis has studied Art at Olympic College, University of Washington, and Ravenna, Italy



Farber whimsy

Kendra Farber "Whimsy"


Ashland Gallery Association Student aRT eXHIBIT


For Kendra Faber art is a way to express herself when she can’t use words or when words are not enough, because, of course, a picture is worth a thousand words. Most of Kendra’s art is portraiture or of the human figure in some way;  “because the human figure is never the same, no two faces are the same so I am never bored with what I do. My drawings are feelings, emotions; the people in the paintings are just the hosts of them.”





Bolles Having an early interest in art, Kiri Bolles began her formal education in art at the Waldorf School. Gradually, she developed her own style (which really is still changing), and is looking forward to a career in the arts. “I love to paint and draw what I think is beautiful or intriguing. I tend like more realistic art and I like drawing or painting people the most. My favourite medium is coloured pencils. I can't wait to continue making art and learning even more.”


Kiri Bolles, "Light"